2ULaundry is a laundry delivery startup that uses our network of laundromats to offer an app based laundry service.

We're really good at doing laundry. But, laundry is hard.

It is incredibly complicated. We’re not delivering pizza. When we make a mistake it is thousands of dollars to replace where a pizza takes $15 and 15 minutes to replace. Laundry is personal! We’re dealing with the kid’s soccer uniform that is needed for a game tomorrow, the irreplaceable sweater passed down from a relative, and the suit that is being cleaned to be worn at a wedding next weekend.

We’re hiring a Market Supervisor for 2ULaundry in Tampa.

Currently, the brand is doing really well in founder led markets. However, in Tampa, we are new in town. When we first launched the market, we thought we could do it remotely using a centralized marketing and operations team. Since launch, we’ve learned we’re missing one key part - a local market founder.

A Market Supervisor is similar to being the founder; it’s a role that requires you to have a founders mentality & to be a well-rounded entrepreneur who is a generalist that is able to be on top of multiple projects at the same time.

Market Supervisors are individuals who can wear two hats - sales and operations - and are all about getting their hands dirty.

Business Development and Account Management

  • You will primarily be targeting businesses with laundry needs - Airbnb portfolios, massage, med spa, and event venues. We will provide a laundry sales playbook to use as reference.
  • We will have a cold call lead gen campaign for you to supply leads. However, you will be expected to cold call, email, and outreach to prospective clients
  • You will be reaching out to leads we provide, but you will be expected to bring in some of your own leads too
  • We supply flyers to deliver to local small businesses to target
  • Find B2B partnerships and customers to grow revenue
  • Facilitate the onboarding of new clients into the service
  • Collaborate with laundromat counterparts to grow the Laundrolab/2ULaundry partnership for all stakeholders. This includes working alongside the franchise laundromat owner (local), laundromat staff (local), 2ULaundry delivery drivers (local), and 2ULaundry Operations leadership (remote).

Logistics Operations and Supervision

  • Manage day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth and efficient service delivery of laundry and dry cleaning orders
  • Partner with Central Operations to optimize delivery routes and schedules to enhance operational efficiency
  • Monitor key operational metrics, such as delivery times, defect rates, and logistics costs and take proactive measures to continuously improve performance
  • Implement and enforce operational procedures and standards to create a safe and productive work environment and exceptional service delivery
  • Provide guidance, coaching, and performance feedback to team members to foster a culture of excellence and collaboration
  • Ensure adequate staffing levels and coordinate scheduling to meet operational demands
  • Ability to identify market needs and willingness to complete independent routes as needed

Fleet & Inventory Management:

  • Own routine maintenance of fleet, arrange repairs, maintain appropriate paperwork, and ensure cleanliness and appearance of vehicles at all times
  • Oversee inventory management for all 2ULaundry-branded supplies in market, including ordering, receiving, storage, and distribution to service providers

Customer Service:

  • Collaborate with the Central Operations Team and / or customers to resolve any operational issues and provide solutions for customer & service provider satisfaction
  • Gather feedback and insights to identify opportunities for service improvement and customer support and retention.

Who is the ideal Market Supervisor?

  • Someone who enjoys creating things from scratch. You don’t wait for your boss to tell you what to do. You see a problem and start working to solve it.
  • Someone who is decisive and takes action quickly. You are the market leader.
  • Someone who understands how to sell into home and commercial services. We’re not selling retail products. We’re not selling food. We’re selling services the same way janitorial, landscaping, plumbing, and HVAC companies sell services.

What are the perks of being the Market Supervisor?

  • Ability to get in on the ground floor and have a significant impact at one of the laundry industry’s fastest growing companies
  • Work alongside multiple startup founders
  • Direct and regular access to thought leaders in the startup, franchising, and laundry industries
  • Benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401k, and an Employee Assistance Program
  • Working with a supportive, driven team working to build the first nationally recognized brand in laundry
  • Free laundry!